Odd Brothers !
Lafcadio Hearn's Brother and Extended Family 
James Daniel Hearn's Family
Family Explore the fascinating world of two brothers,
separated at youth yet thrived in their virtually separate worlds.
  In Connecticut 1876  
Wedding Photo 1885

Great Story

This is the picture of James Daniel Hearn that was in Grandma Hearn's album. It says Connecticut on the back. So we suppose this was taken when Grandpa [James Daniel] Hearn came to America the second time and went to Connecticut to learn about growing tobacco. In the January, 1923, Atlantic Monthly is an article written by Henry Tracy Kneeland called "Lafcadio Hearn's Brother", an interview with Grandpa. 

"... the wedding picture of James Daniel and Cora Belle
(Brubaker) Hearn. They were married November 5, 1866 in Sandusky County, Ohio. Grandpa Hearn was running a grain mill in Gibsonburg, Ohio at the time. Cousin Viola (Acton) Yarger says that Grandpa Hearn married Grandma on the rebound. He was supposed to marry another lady and she jilted him. Grandma was only 19 at the time and Grandpa was 32, so he must have swept her off her feet. Grandpa James Daniel Hearn also had a bad case of myopia, as did Lafcadio.

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Excerpt  -- "After being in Wisconsin nearly five years, --I was now twenty-one, -- I went back to England. I intended to go out to India to enter a tea business. Dr. Stewart had a son who was a civil engineer for a tea company, and I expected to go in with him. But young Stewart got another idea--for me to return to the United States and get a knowledge of tobacco-growing in

Connecticut before I went to India. So I came over again and stayed with a Mr. Smith at Poquonock. I had worked for him several years when I heard that young Stewart had died; so I gave up the tobacco scheme and came West. When I was twenty-four years old I went into the milling business at Gibsonburg, Ohio."
James Daniel Hearn

Viola tells about him always reading with strong glasses. But there are no pictures I know of that shows him wearing glasses. It is a condition that was passed down to many of his grandsons and great grand sons. It passes through the females to some of their sons. There are three grandsons in my mother's family with extreme near-sightedness. I've often wondered if it was passed through the Hearn line or the Cassimati line."
- Margery Bebow - cousin
      CoraBelle Hearn
and Daughter Grace

    "I was delighted to receive
the photograph of your
wife and baby. I like your
wife's face: full of serious
kindness and gentleness;
but the baby! I can scarcely
believe it is your baby: I
could almost swear it was
my baby! It has the eyes,
sure enough - you will have
to be very careful, I fear,
with Miss Gracie's eyes."
-- Lafcadio Hearn.
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