Explore the fascinating world of two brothers:
separated at youth, nearly reunited, yet thrived in their virtually separate worlds.
  James Daniel Hearn
Michigan - 1903
Lafcadio Hearn
Japan - 1898

Esther's Choice

"I think I've done as well as my brother. It 's very different, of course. He was a genius in one way, but he didn't have any business head. But he did have a gift of language, and he suffered for it. I'd like to have met him. I offered to pay his expenses to Ohio, but he went off to Japan in a great hurry. Queer tenderhearted sort of a fellow he was, I believe." -James Daniel
"In the letters [among] themselves, Lafcadio Hearn seems to have had a greater desire to visualize his mother than to seek the comradeship of a brother. The remote and inaccessible seemed always to be nearest his heart."

- Henry Tracy Kneeland -
"Lafcadio's Brother"
Atlantic Monthly - 1923
"Dear Brother, -
I waited very anxiously for your letter; it has made me at once very glad and very sorry - glad to feel the reality of you, sorry to find you have had some experiences with the world not at all agreeable. But you have shown superb pluck, are independent, apparently, and - in every sense of the word - a thorough man! Her blood will bear him through everything, if he can keep his strength.' For I thought of you always as my double: a highly complex nervous organization, with her vital force. Now I would imagine you stronger than I, for you have done much beyond my power to attempt." - Lafcadio
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James Daniel Hearn
in Connecticut 1874
Lafcadio Hearn
in Philadelphia 1889
Lafcadio Hearn